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Rustic Home Decor For Sale Now!
State String Art - "Remember Where You Came From" $40 per state
State Coasters - "Home is Where the Heart is" $20/Set of 4
Re-purposed Pallet Shelving - COMING SOON!
Re-purposed Pallet Coffee & End Table Sets - COMING SOON!
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  1. Re-purposed Pallets - Coming Soon!
    After a little more exploring, we've discovered our third project we're going to start selling. This whole thing has been similar to an experiment, but our track record so far has been successful thanks to the support of not only our new customers, but we already have repeat customers! So grateful for the support we have. We've decided to start working on re-purposing wooden pallets into shelves to be hung on walls throughout homes and also into coffee/end table sets. The wall shelves will need
  2. We All Feel Home Somewhere
    For my entire life, all I can remember is how badly I have always wanted to go somewhere new and see everything else the world has to offer. I lived in Dayton, OH all my life and then one day I moved to the East Coast and stayed for a year. Eventually, being lonely and homesick, I came back home, met the love of my life and now he and I are working on starting our lives and moving away from our hometown to create a future together. Sure, it's terrifying leaving home and everything you've ever
  3. Deciding to stop playing the victim...
    After spending 8 years doing the same daily routine, I finally realized that in order to live the life I longed for, it was time to step up and take ownership and pride in my own future. Something I saw on social media somewhere really spoke to me, and I made it my wallpaper on my phone, as a constant reminder that in any aspect of my life - I cannot settle. "Respect yourself enough to walk away from anything that no longer serves you, grows you, or makes you happy." Seems pretty cut and dry,